Monday, September 5, 2011

Ragsland Update

I wish I could copy and paste their picture.
But here's mine:
... pretty close, huh?!


On Saturday, we ventured over to Auburn as a family of four to pull our Tigers through to a victory!!

War Eagle!!

I was tickled with Barnes' gameday outfit!!
And sweet Emilyn was supporting her team on the toosh!


When Barnes started really rolling with his vocabulary, helicopters and airplanes were strong in his vernacular! If you have a little boy, you know things that "go" ... whether on the road, in the sky or on the water are pretty awesome. Here are some pictures of the helicopter which is lookin' super cute this fall!


I love it when siblings match! Here are some coordinating things I've done lately!
Happy Brotherhood!!

again, if you can please tell me why some pictures rotate and some don't, I'd love it ... I'd also love a remedy to this annoying problem!

Mini Filled Designs

Lately, I have purchased some "mini filled designs" and am loving them!!
They look great on a backpack, a shirt, a onesie, a blanket, panties ... the options are limitless!

Here are some example pictures:
** NOTE: if you know how to rotate pictures, please tell me! I can't figure it out!! THANKS! **

a cute little elephant

the mini dog

 a butterly and a horse

the mini paw print with and without a monogram


I love this cute sailboat!

And I don't have an example, but this cute fish is available in any colors!