Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Of course you may stop by my house, but here are some fabrics I am loving for the fall!
I have pretty much every color in polka dot and ginghams.
There are baskets full. These are just some pictures of some of my favorites! Closer to Christmas, I'll post all of those options ... oh my, they are GLORIOUS!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Love These

I recently went to Market and had a blast!! I got new linen coasters and think these make the BEST gift for a new bride, your sister, momma, grandmother, best girlfriend, etc.
My grandmother plays bridge all the time, so I gave her some for her birthday and she loved them!!

I got 4 as a wedding gift. I'm hosting a baby shower at my house soon and they will be used ... and proudly!
Let me know if you want some - they are $22 for four.

It's nearly Fall ya'll

I'll add pictures to this post as they continue to come ... but we're getting geared up!

 the turkey is on a brown shirt. again, i can order you a shirt in just about any color... easy on the stains!

I know it seems far away, but go ahead and let me know what you want for Halloween ... Thanksgiving  ... and dare we ... for CHRISTMAS?!


Can you believe it? School is right around the corner! I have some cute backpacks that will look great with an applique and/or a monogram. We carry one for Emilyn - she's not ready for school, but I do love a backpack for her quick needs!

And who doesn't go back to school without a shiney new lunchbox? Pick one up at Storkland or Barb's and bring it over, I'll put your name or monogram on it.
By the way, I'm not too ashamed to tell you that I took a lunchbox to work with me all last year! So, grab one for yourself as well!

Here are some "Back to School" appliques. I think the apple would be cute with a single letter monogram or a 3-Letter monogram.
The applique below would be super cute with one letter in each apple.

Enjoy your final days of summer!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cheer Camp

This made my heart smile. Remember going to cheerleading camp and getting all of your things neatly organized and making certain you had super cute pajamas? This sweet girl was going to cheer camp and needed to have some towels monogrammed. We picked hot pink to match her fun washcloth and a cute font.

I sure hope she took home a trophy or two!

That Time Again


At our house, it's Auburn football. Just the other day, I asked Bobby if he could smell it in the air. He told me (with a rolled eye), "No, not yet." But I know we are just a whiff away! ... It's coming and I love it!

I have some fun things for the Fall. Below you see a precious elephant that can of course be done in a crimson color. There is also another elephant applique that I have.

I love this one! I came up with this little pawprint for a shirt. I am showing it here to wear with orange and/or blue shorts. But pair it with whatever shorts/pants you wish.

If you step in Target, Wal-Mart, etc. right now, they are having their "Back to School" promotions. Do you see the Cherokee collared shirts that are like $5? Pick one up, bring it over and I'll slap one of these AU paw prints on there for your little guy!!

Or if you want to order a long sleeve white, navy, orange, light blue, etc. shirt from me, let me know. I have all colors under the rainbow.

The same goes for Alabama fans - we can do a tiny elephant right there where a Polo man usually sits. I can pick up a white or a red shirt for you. Preppy and cute ... again, it's football season!

And for the wee-wittle ones. ... can't leave them out!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Making it "NEW" again!

Every store and everyone is making the shift: from summer to fall. This means consignment sales are right around the corner. I wanted to show you a cute outfit from a consignment sale that with a fresh monogram looks pretty good!

Also, if you are "consigning" your own kiddos' clothes (i.e. have a baby sister or baby brother) and need a fresh monogram over an old one, I can do it!

Here's the deal, if you need something made "new" again or just want to make it your "own", let me know!

under this new monogram is a pink one - an older sister's that we covered with a circle patch and a new monogram.