Thursday, December 29, 2011

Boat Totes

Em is headed to Mother's Morning Out in January so she needed a little tote for her goodies! I bought this boat tote and put her name on it. I think it turned out really cute!!

Here is Lands' End's Boat Tote:

 And here is Emilyn's:

The bag is GREAT! It's a cotton canvas and comes in burgundy, navy, pink or black. The navy would be cute with a red or green monogram! It has a pocket and a snap closure. Let me know if you want one. These are also great for friends! They are $24.

There is also this option with more colors and the feel is a little different (it's a polyester rather than a cotton). Barnes has one. I'll post a picture soon. But for now, here's a stock photo (... don't you love the flowers?!)
These also have a pocket in the front and come in black, forest (dark green), light blue, navy, red, royal and yellow. They are $22.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sweet Dresses

I love these sweet dresses. On Em, I'll put a pair of tights under it with a cute diaper cover and call it a day! Let me know if you want one - I have them and can do a monogram on the chest with or without an applique on the dress or just an applique on the chest. They come in all sizes.


Sweatshirts have been a hit this year and rightly so!! It's getting cold out there and your little one may need an extra layer! If so, let me know something! They are $25 and come in an array of fun colors and sizes.
I am happy the cold weather is finally here ... I love to bundle!
Cheers with your hot chocolate!!

Be back soon!!

I took a little break when Christmas was getting close to spend time with family and enjoy the Holidays. Ours was the best yet! I hope ya'll had a Merry Christmas!!
 I'll be back working the first of the year! Go ahead and let me know what you want/need and I can do it! Email me at
Here are some pictures of the fun things I have been doing!

These were for some ADORABLE twin girls

 for the babies and their big sister

 super cute boot!

 these are adorable pants that we put this little angel's monogram on her hiney pocket - too cute!!

 I do love this deer in red with brown fabric. Just LOVE.IT.

 Got a new font!! Harrington - it's precious for girls and boys! (it's below "rane")

 Harrington font again.

 cute alligator and name patch - these are new fabrics and they are SO cute!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Gifts

I have these great linen hand towels that are blank:

I have put a monogram on them in the past but again, I do love a "mini" these days!

So, I purchased some filled designs and did a trial run on a few. Here's how they turned out:

Don't you love them?! I also have a Santa "mini" I could put on one.

Shoot me an email if you want one. They would make a great teacher, friend, co-worker, etc. gift. Or just a "happy" for a friend this season!
Linen Hand Towel with Monogram - $14
Linen Hand Towel with Applique and Monogram - $18

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Name Patches

Doing a monogram in a patch gives you a little more wiggle room for creativity with a fabric behind it.
If you have an outfit you want more than one child to be able to wear, a single letter patch is a great idea!

Here, I added a mini at the bottom of the patch. We can do that with any mini design you see and want!

If your kiddos' names don't start with the same letter, we can do a patch with your last name's first letter. ... same effect!
(or is it "affect" ... it's too early for me to do serious thinking! I apologize if I have made a grammatical error!!)

A mini and a mono

Lately, I do love a fill stitch appplique. They are smaller and I love to put them either in the middle of a wee-wittle something for the babies or on the side with a monogram under them for the bigger kiddos.

Here are some pictures of what I am talking about.

 this one turned ... again! ... but you can see the sailboat with monogram

 this sailboat we put on a sweet daygown

Here are some more mini design pictures (they are stock photos). Remember we can change thread colors (i.e. if you like the crab, we can do it in pink for a sweet little lady this summer!)

And they don't have to be on the side of your shirt, we can smack it right in the middle!  ... or on a blanket, bloomers, a towel, etc.!