Friday, January 20, 2012

Burp Cloths

I love this combo (I think I have said that before) - but a burp cloth and a bib make a great gift!! And really, just burp cloths are great gifts!! Especially for the second or third child - they seem to get hand-me-down's and a new, fresh burp cloth or two is much appreciated!

This is a new applique I love - would be great on a tshirt this summer to wear with lots of different color shorts! Here it is without a monogram:

and here it is with a monogram:

Happy Birthday Friends!

Two of Barnes' friends recently had birthdays. I had some extra boat totes, so I did an applique and personalized them. Here's how they turned out:


New Machine!

Update: I was having some problems with my old machine and about two weeks ago, my dear friend just stopped on me! I had to get a new machine. It was hard "saying 'good bye'"! But I am happy that I have a new, faster machine! My hoop is bigger so I can do bigger designs!! 
I am sorry about this, I did have to go up just $1 in my prices because bigger hoop means bigger supplies, more thread used and more fabric, etc.. I hope you can understand. I just wanted to give you the "head's up"! 
I am happy about my new machine! I'll post some pictures soon of the cute things I am doing!
Get ready for Spring ... it'll be here before we know it!
Here's a picture just so this post isn't so boring! :)

a rocket for my precious nephew

and a patch for my main man

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Heart, Heart

Valentine's is fast approaching! Get your order in soon!!

Below is a stock photo - this heart would be cute with a name or monogram in it. I can do either just a big heart or we can layer it as below ... your call!

... S.W.A.K.!