Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Gifts

I have these great linen hand towels that are blank:

I have put a monogram on them in the past but again, I do love a "mini" these days!

So, I purchased some filled designs and did a trial run on a few. Here's how they turned out:

Don't you love them?! I also have a Santa "mini" I could put on one.

Shoot me an email if you want one. They would make a great teacher, friend, co-worker, etc. gift. Or just a "happy" for a friend this season!
Linen Hand Towel with Monogram - $14
Linen Hand Towel with Applique and Monogram - $18

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Name Patches

Doing a monogram in a patch gives you a little more wiggle room for creativity with a fabric behind it.
If you have an outfit you want more than one child to be able to wear, a single letter patch is a great idea!

Here, I added a mini at the bottom of the patch. We can do that with any mini design you see and want!

If your kiddos' names don't start with the same letter, we can do a patch with your last name's first letter. ... same effect!
(or is it "affect" ... it's too early for me to do serious thinking! I apologize if I have made a grammatical error!!)

A mini and a mono

Lately, I do love a fill stitch appplique. They are smaller and I love to put them either in the middle of a wee-wittle something for the babies or on the side with a monogram under them for the bigger kiddos.

Here are some pictures of what I am talking about.

 this one turned ... again! ... but you can see the sailboat with monogram

 this sailboat we put on a sweet daygown

Here are some more mini design pictures (they are stock photos). Remember we can change thread colors (i.e. if you like the crab, we can do it in pink for a sweet little lady this summer!)

And they don't have to be on the side of your shirt, we can smack it right in the middle!  ... or on a blanket, bloomers, a towel, etc.!

Hope your Turkey Day was Happy!!

I am sorry I didn't get these out before Thanksgiving. I was super busy and enjoyed time with my family. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!
Here are some pictures of this year's favorite turkeys. I'll post them now (after the matter) so you can have an idea for next year.

this is a zig zag stitch. i love it. it's a little different. let me know if you ever want your applique in a zig zag stitch - i can do it!

 a girly turkey

 ... for whom?
 ... a princess!

 and this is a "raggy" design. it's fun and different as well. it has flannel under the fabrics and so it gets "raggy" on the edges. i have some designs that are raggy. let me know if you want one!
on the "raggy snail", it would be fun to layer different fabrics so you get different colors in his shell. just a thought!

Picture Overload

The Holidays are just around the corner, so I'll post on that next! But for now, here are some pictures of fun things that have kept me pretty busy lately!

 this patch is new and I love it!

 for a sweet brother and sister:

 a great gift - a layette and linen bib:
 And this I love! The Mommy had plenty of Christmas daygowns but wanted something so that her new baby boy could wear this sweet gown, so we put a sailboat on it! I also recently added a mini train that is adorable. Look under my applique pictures for all of my embroidered designs.