Wednesday, April 18, 2012

These dresses ...

... I LOVE! 
They are super easy and have a little snap at the diaper area so you don't have to wear "panties" over the diaper. They come in lots of colors and are perfect for the summer!!

I have a pink one I am working on now with a watermelon. I'll post a picture when it's finished.
Let me know if you are interested for your doll baby this summer!! I'm placing an order this week and can get whatever size and color you want!

**don't you love her precious smile/squint. angel. **

and here's the blowfish for a boy. too cute!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mini's ... again!

Here are some bibs I've done recently for the baby girl for special occasions. You all know I love a "mini" ... and they are great for the summer with a monogram under it! 

** Please look at my applique album as I have added some new things! As I stitch them out, I'll post pictures for you! **

I love this tab with the trees for Christmas-time!! Would look cute on a bib or just on a t-shirt with a name between the trees.

Here are some cute t's with mini's: 

A Collared Shirt

Moms of baby boys can you agree that sometimes the girls' section and their selection can be a tad bit better than the boys' ... am I right?!
And then, there's that stage when your baby bundle has graduated from diapers and sometimes (quite frankly) a Daddy tells a Mommy that their boy can no longer wear smocked outfits. 
So ... you start buying pieces and there's the trusty collared shirt that comes into play! 
Here are some that I've done lately to help jazz things up a little!!

and my model ... forgive him for getting the muffin out of his teeth!

Thursday, April 5, 2012