Thursday, December 29, 2011

Boat Totes

Em is headed to Mother's Morning Out in January so she needed a little tote for her goodies! I bought this boat tote and put her name on it. I think it turned out really cute!!

Here is Lands' End's Boat Tote:

 And here is Emilyn's:

The bag is GREAT! It's a cotton canvas and comes in burgundy, navy, pink or black. The navy would be cute with a red or green monogram! It has a pocket and a snap closure. Let me know if you want one. These are also great for friends! They are $24.

There is also this option with more colors and the feel is a little different (it's a polyester rather than a cotton). Barnes has one. I'll post a picture soon. But for now, here's a stock photo (... don't you love the flowers?!)
These also have a pocket in the front and come in black, forest (dark green), light blue, navy, red, royal and yellow. They are $22.

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