Friday, July 23, 2010

Perfect for Summer Days!

Here are some onesies that I have done recently .... I am going to post pictures of my appliques so that you can know what I have!
Also, I think I need to clear up the pricing - if you bring me your onesie, it is $7 to monogram it. The appliques start at $8. They are priced differently based on the different amount of fabric I have to use and the different threads.
If you just want to order a onesie from me, I have those prices listed to the right ... they are a little bit more because you are paying for the actual onesie. Hope that makes sense!!
I'll keep posting pictures, so come back often! By the way, did you see the Auburn paw-print ... football! ... and the pumpkin?! The pumpkin and the owl are on long sleeve onesies. Here's to hoping Fall will come soon! The heat is exhausting!

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