Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas Gifts

It's a quick three weeks until Christmas!! We can't wait at our house! Our Elf John showed up last night and brought his "best buddy", Elf Bon!! 
... Love this time of year! And precious tiny imaginations! :)

I have some great linen hand towels if you all need any help with Christmas gifts for friends, teachers, sisters, mothers, etc.! ... just anyone!

Here ares some Christmas ones ::

They'd also be cute with this applique ::

I do love these linen towels too for year round. This one has a cross on it with a monogram. We can either add or not add the monogram. Your call!!

They are ::
 $12 with monogram or simple cross
$15 for monogram and cross
$16 for applique and monogram
** discount for two or more **


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